Impact! – One Word 2019

Boom!  Pow!  Wham!  Pop!  Impact!  Just like the onomatopoeias used in comic books, I want my actions in 2019 to make “noise” causing people to think and change their mindset about how we help our students become independent, passionate, confident, solution-oriented citizens in this global world.  Much like a meteor entering the earth’s atmosphere becomes brighter because of the friction between the meteor and the atmosphere, I hope to create friction in a way that lights a fire facilitating change for all the learners in my care.

How can I use what I am learning to impact my colleagues, students and parents that I come in contact with on a daily basis?    

How can I impact the parts of our educational system that are outdated to better serve our students?

How can I help my students impact their community in positive ways?

How do I create meaningful opportunities and experiences that impact my students and their desire to use their talents and passions to change the world?

How will you impact those around you in 2019?



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Passionate, curious, science educator, learner, photographer, and outdoors woman! I love to learn new things and share great ideas! All the photos on this blog are my own. Copyrighted 2016 Deborah Holman.

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